Day Thirty-Five: Drive

Mom hadn’t left the house in thirty seven days.

The blue, blue sky is still there.

That’s not healthy.

Today we violated the spirit of the quarantine. We drove. We drove south and west over Kenosha Pass and through South Park. We turned on Colorado 9 and drove up through Breckenridge and then turned on US 6 and drove most of the way over Loveland Pass. We turned back at the top, because Clear Creek roads are closed to non-local traffic. Then we drove home on I70.

I’m pleased to report that the mountains are still there. The forests are still there. In many places, the snow is still there. The rocks are still there. State and US highways are still there. The interstate is still there. The mountain towns are still there. The grassland of South Park is still there.

It felt surreal.

Mom has asthma, and her immune system is busy fighting a sinus infection. Covid19 would take her out. I didn’t let her get out of the car. I sanitized my hands after touching the gas pump.

It still felt risky.

But we can’t stay home forever. At some point in the next several days, I’m going to have to go to Costco. At some point we will all need to see our families again, in person.

I have no idea how to navigate that. At what point does isolation become an enemy in and of itself. At what point is it worth taking a risk. It would help if we had more answers, but ultimately, we’re all flying blind, here.

Signing off. Take Care, and Take Care of one another.

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