A passion for creating

Corrine brings wide and varied experience to all her projects. She has worked producing videos at a startup, writing online content, managing low-income apartment communities designed for seniors, and creating supportive services and activities at same.


Corrine is an experienced video producer with a talent for interviews and a knack for flow. She is able to tackle all aspects of production, from setting up shoots and interviews, through interviewing and shooting b-roll, to editing a polished final product.


She is also a versatile writer, producing numerous personal essays, blog posts, articles, scripts, and creative pieces. She sees writing and editing words as very similar to shooting and editing videos, and is adroit at finding a narrative arc in both kinds of creating.


Corrine has extensive experience using Canva Pro for simple graphic design needs, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for more complex projects. She is also an experienced text layout designer with Word and InDesign.

Wide Experience

From going to university in Nairoibi to working with veterans and other formerly homeless households, Corrine brings wide and varied experience to every project. This enables her to better solve a variety of complex problems.

Project Management

As a property manager and supportive services director, Corrine wore multiple hats and managed multiple timelines, delivering apartment leases, social events, and activities on time and on budget. As a communications specialist, she has planned, interviewed for, edited, and exported many videos.


Corrine has extensive cross-cultural communications experience, is a careful listener, and a clear, direct, and compassionate communicator in widely varied contexts.