Day Twenty-Two: Cheap Thrills

Is anybody else both weirded out and little thrilled to see inside all these famous people’s houses?

I know what David Brooks’ home office looks like. It suits him:

His colleague Mark Shields is my current hero for daring to have a slightly messy office on show. The stack of papers in front of the chair on the right helps me feel better about myself:

Stephen Colbert has a really nice bathroom:

John Oliver lives in a white void:

Paul Krugman has a cool painting, but his blinds aren’t to my taste:

Kids have been invited into their teacher’s kitchens:

Chris Cuomo also has a white void in his basement apartment:

And Bill Mahar has a whole forest in his backyard (with a tiki bar!):

As oddly titillating as I find it to see where all these people go at the end of the day, when they are done being public figures, it definitely does say something about the Volvo-driving, Starbucks-sipping elite.

I’m sure people more tuned in to popular culture can find lots of interesting glimpses into famous private lives. Send ’em my way in comments.

Signing off. Take care, and take care of each other.

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