Low-Income Housing

I recently left a position working as the Director of Supportive Services at Ruby Hill Residences, a low-income housing project in Denver specializing in getting people experiencing homelessness into their own apartment homes. I provided case management and therapeutic activities to 114 households, for residents ranging from newborns to seniors. Most of my clients had extensive trauma histories and many had Substance Use Disorders and other mental health issues. Here are some of the media projects I worked on.

Facebook post promoting Bug Catching activity.
Flyer promoting Sidewalk Chalk activity.
This gratitude tree activity is a great way to help people gain a more grateful perspective, which sounds a little cheesy, but is a scientifically-backed technique for improving physical and mental health.
One recent project was creating a very simple User Guide to the apartment homes at Ruby Hill, with information on available services, House Rules, and how to operate something as simple as blinds, since many residents only have experience living in places where many amenities and appliances are broken.