A photo of the author in running gear with her dog Nairobi, a black shepard mix with big pointy ears, shown panting.
Dog, whose real name is Nairobi, and I find all kinds of interesting things in the woods.

About me in one word: curious. I’m wildly curious about almost everything. That’s my main qualification to talk about things. I have a degree in English and another one in Journalism (yes, I essentially have a degree in satisfying my curiosity and sharing it with others. Awesome!)

Other semi-relevant facts: I live in the woods in Colorado; I have a cat, a dog, and an elderly mother as dependents; and I’m really pretty lucky. For work, I write stuff. My Instagram feed is full of flowers, plants, rocks, lichens, bryophytes, trees, and other interesting things I come across when I am running or walking around in the woods.