Day Twenty-Seven: Aquaman

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good superhero movie. That being said, Aquaman, which I watched the other night with my elderly mother, was objectively terrible. The CGI was lovely, I’ll give them that. But the acting and the plot were better suited to remain in the comics. And I don’t mean a graphic novel. I mean comics.

That being said, it was perfect.

The thing about living in the golden age of television is that there seems to be some kind of unspoken agreement that for a movie or show to be good, it has to be grim. And I understand that. I’ve mentioned before that humans are neurologically wired to give attention and weight to negative events and experiences. Perhaps this is why happy people seem so boring. No one is going to watch a show, or read a book for that matter, where nothing bad happens. Interesting plots feature people overcoming adversity, not failing to experience it at all.

But all these grim plots do take a toll on us psychologically, maybe even physically.

Incredibles 2 wins the daily double —
superheros and Pixar!

Living through a time when the state death toll pops up on my news alerts every afternoon, followed by the national toll on The News Hour, I’m not sure any of us can afford too high a toll from our entertainment.

So, and I’m a little sheepish to admit it, I am seeking wholesome programming. I’m not a particularly wholesome person, though if you take the word at its roots, it’s not a bad thing to aspire to. But now is the time for Anne of Green Gables, Call the Midwife, Pixar, and bad superhero movies with hulking protagonists, gaping plot holes, and swelling, blaring over-dramatic soundtracks. Yes, please, the Incredibles 2. Yes, please, Despicable Me. Yes, please, Professor X. Yes, please, nature documentaries, Hop, and Parks and Rec.

Signing off. Take Care, and take care of one another, with a wholesome show, and many some hot cocoa.

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