Day Eighteen: Disorganized

Pandemics are not for the disorganized.

In the first place, there are suddenly no excuses. We have to get down to the adulting that we have been avoiding. We can’t weasel out of filing that stack of paper that has been building up on our desks. There’s no reason not to tackle the clutter in our homes. Taxes become urgent long before they are due, because we need the money.

Responsible people are glowering right now, because as far as they are concerned there never were any excuses.

Shopping right now poses it’s own set of challenges. My brother very kindly volunteered to pick us up an order of groceries when he picked up. The pick up slot was a week out, and I had to hurry to get a slot that was even on the same day. Shopping with a week’s delay, with an eye for going as long as possible between shops, and trying to spend as little as possible is not a skill I take to naturally.

Responsible people are still glowering because suck it up buttercup and quit whining.

But my people, the international confederacy of the disorganized, know what I’m talking about, and know that laughing at yourself is an essential skill in any situation.

Even a pandemic.

Signing off. Take care of yourself, and take care of one another.

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