Day Eleven: The Letter and the Spirit

Speaking of… an immanent Jelly Belly shortage is an essential reason to go to the store, right?

I’m really good at rationalizing things. I’m like a contortionist of justifications. I earned these Jelly Belly by going for a run (in a mask, no less!) I can stay up for just one more episode because I slept a little later than I meant to this morning, and I’m more likely to sleep if I go to bed a little later. I’ll just set the really loud alarm for tomorrow morning. I can buy a new (to me) car that I can’t really afford, because I’m sure to make a career out of this job and I need a big vehicle for it.

But now I have a new fight against rationalizing on my hands.

I don’t want to bring this thing home. I live with my 81-year-old asthmatic mother. If it comes down to a decision, she is sure to lose the ventilator lottery.

But some part of me really wants to go to the damned store.

We have food. We have plenty of dry goods, eggs, soy milk, frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, and frozen meat, Mom even thought, at some point, that it was a good idea to freeze bacon, so we have frozen bacon. (Maybe her family made it through the depression on frozen bacon…) Hell, we even have toilet paper. We’re Costco customers from way back and already had a costco on hand when this whole thing started.

But surely it is legitimate to go get some lettuce for a salad? Or, we’re really starting to run low on popsicles. We need popsicles! What about fresh fruit? We’ve finally gone through our costco of oranges.

And, really, it must be legit to go to Home Depot, if it’s still open, right? I’ve been wanting to build some bird houses and a feeder this year. Home improvement is essential, right?

Nope, nope, nope.

Maybe we should make it competitive. I haven’t been to the store since St. Patrick’s Day. My brother has offered to do a pick up for us next Saturday. That’s almost a month. We probably won’t last as long next time, since it isn’t a Costco run, but we’ll see how long we can go.

What’s your record so far between store visits, pick ups, or deliveries?

Signing off. Stay safe and take care of each other.

3 thoughts on “Day Eleven: The Letter and the Spirit

  1. Gary

    Our kids must really love us. They refuse to let us visit them and won’t visit us. We’re in the 70+ age category and I have respiratory problems history, although well controlled with Advair Diskus. We both endured serious influenza A in January. We suggested that we could just go grocery shopping during senior hours and our mild-mannered son-in-law got quite mad, telling us through the garage (20 feet away) that if we do that now, then we will have risked all they have done for us to keep us safe: seeing us go grocery shopping, even once, is not an option for them or us. They do all the shopping and would have it no other way. So that’s my mantra too, now. It’s like being a hormone charged pair of teenagers. “Just once won’t matter, honey. It’ll be okay.” NOT! NOPE! NEVER! NO ‘OOPS’!

    1. clmcdermid Post author

      That made me LOL in a really literal way. It’s eye-opening to be forced into making a distinction between what we actually need to do vs. what we want to do, or what might be convenient. Glad to hear you are staying in and staying safe!

  2. Gary

    Four weeks today and counting. Just for fun we drive by grocery stores to see how busy they are. And we go for walks and stay far away from others. I haven’t felt this healthy in years!


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